I’m a social media consultant and small business owner with a passion for true crime in all of its forms. After graduating from Santa Clara University with a degree in Art History, I spent several years working in arts nonprofits. I then made the leap into bootstrapping startups in Silicon Valley and learned a lot about entrepreneurial values from some great (and not-so-great) companies and small brands. Now, I’m a media consultant, mainly in the beauty industry, and work for myself.

My day job is all about making things bright and shiny, so I found a side hustle to counterbalance all the pretty hashtags: writing and researching organized crime. As a culture junkie and Wikipedia addict, I write to tell stories about some of crime’s greatest minds and heists. I’ve found storytelling to be the most effective strategy for conveying messages and meaning. The Business of Crime has it all for me: entrepreneurial strategies, great storytelling, historical research, and a sense of humor.

I might not be pro-crime, but I’m definitely pro being a boss. Why not learn how to be one from the best (of the worst)? I hope you love The Business of Crime as much as I do.

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