What we believe

As The Business of Crime founders, we believe in the power of storytelling. Using anecdotes and historical tales to convey strategies and goals is a known method of effective coaching. We use this method to draw readers in and teach them something.


We believe in history.

Historical research is a passion for us, and we think that bringing old news to new eyes is not only beneficial for us today, but to keeping memories of past eras alive. We also believe in learning from historic mistakes, and not repeating the same actions.

We believe that gang lords and crime bosses are some of the most fascinating characters in world history; but we don’t believe their causes were just (90% of the time).


We don’t believe in, or condone breaking the law.

While some of us are bigger rule-followers than others, we all believe in having a clear moral compass that steers clear of illegal activity.

Our writing style is, for the most part, done in a broad overview format. As a new blog, we’re not quite into the gritty details of these stories yet. Organized crime leaders frequently committed terrible acts of violence in an effort to promote their own selfish causes. For every story of a crime boss helping a family in need, there is one about a horrific death or intimidation. We don’t ever lose sight of this as we research these individuals.

As a commitment to bettering our community and country, we donate 5% of all profits to organizations that support women and children in situations of domestic violence.

We’re proud to donate to National Network to End Domestic Violence.

We’re always looking for organizations that combat the effects of violence and crime. Want to get your nonprofit on our donation list? Contact us to see if there’s a fit.